Our Environmental Policy


Purpose and Scope

Our goal is to protect and ensure the sustainability of our environment by complying with all environmental laws and regulations, controlling environmental impacts, reducing these impacts, continuously improving our environmental performance, and conducting all product manufacturing activities with ‘Operational Excellence’ to leave a livable, clean environment for future generations.



Responsibility lies with the Environmental Management Representative.



As Mioro, we commit to creating a sustainable environmental management system by continuously improving the environmental performance of our production activities, products, and services, without disturbing the natural balances of our resources, complying with necessary legal obligations and the expectations of relevant stakeholders, preventing environmental pollution at its source, and ensuring the continuous protection of the environment in line with these goals.


Our Environmental Objectives and Targets;

* Proper collection and disposal of waste and waste reduction,

* Energy conservation,

* Development of environmental awareness,

* Water conservation,

* Proper collection, disposal, and/or recycling of hazardous waste,

* Minimizing environmental impacts and pollution in our waste going to air, water, and soil, controlling effects during processing, treatment, disposal, and storage, promoting conservation and ensuring the efficient use of natural resources, and focusing on waste recovery through tracking evolving technologies.

All Mioro employees and specific external parties identified in the Environmental Management System are expected to adhere to this policy and the Environmental Management System that implements it.

This document is under the responsibility of the Environmental Management Representative and has been prepared to meet all requirements of the Environmental Management System. The current version of the document is open to use and review by all personnel determined by the top management.